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trauma surgery
in Sölden

We not just have a special interest in the treatment of sports injuries. We also perform scheduled surgical operations from various medical specialties.

One of the most frequent examples will be the surgical treatment of the so called carpal tunnel syndrome, we now make You acquainted with:
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is the most frequent nervous compression syndrome. Complaints can occur suddenly or they can be chronic. They can arise out of numerous reasons such as injuries, sprains of the wrist joint, overuse due to work or due to sports, alterations due to age, rheumatism or diabetes. It may even occur because of overweight. Due to swelling of neighbouring muscular tendons pressure inside the carpal tunnel rises and compresses the nerve. Symptoms can be a numb feeling and pins and needles feeling respectively. Pain can occur from the fingers up to the shoulder and neck. The surgical procedure is simple: Pressure is released and pain will disappear.

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